Real Madrid the kings of European football.

There is no argueing Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world when it comes to success on the pitch but they are also a match for the most popular team in the world Manchester United in terms of off the field financial aspects. Real Madrid has always been a big club but their recent champions league win which was no14 in clubs history has elevated them in the league of their own. This will be your dedicated website for the most successful team in European football. Real Madrid CF.

What makes Real Madrid so special in fans eyes ?

Real Madrid are one of those clubs you either love them or hate them. They have had so much success over the years that they sack managers if they only win one trophy in a year. They have had some of the best players played for them over the years. From Puskas to Zidane or Cristiano Ronaldo they always had the best played in the world at some point. So many trophies in native spain, 14 in European football, countless other honours is what make Real Madrid so special. Playing for Real Madrid is like pinnacle of football for most players however that also come with added pressure.

Why Real Madrid are so successful in European Football ?

European cup or Champions League now its known as is the playground of Real Madrid others clubs just play in it. Having won twice as many European trophies as 2nd most successful team it wont be wrong to say Real "Champions League" Madrid. So what makes them so successful ? Well to begin with when tournament was established back in 1955, Real Madrid went on to win first 5 consecutive European cups. Yes thats right, from 1955 to 1960 Real Madrid won the tournament without losing when it was just a knockout stage event. So it took 6 years for other teams to register their first trophy in continental football. Since then Real Madrid has won 9 more trophies making 14 and they have done it as ketcheup pour out. When they win, they win consecutively and then go on a barren run.

Can i stream Real Madrid matches on this website ?

Yes, Every single Real Madrid match will be available to stream on this page. All upcoming matches of Real madrid are listed on this page if you scroll down. All games from different competitions Real Madrid are invovled in 2022.23 season are listed according to date and time. You will also find live links of all La Liga matches on this site however Real Madrid matches are given more importance so to speak.

What TV Channels coverage is available for Real Madrid matches streaming options ?

First of all, all links are free and we never ask you to pay anything. Alright so once you are on match stream page which is opened around 1 hour before the start of each Real Madrid match. You will fine around 100 woking links. All links are posted by streamers themselves, streamers ranking is based on votes they are given on their streams by users. Higher the votes, higher the rank for that streamer. So casually speaking the top 10-15 links are the best possible links available for each game. However their are a total of 100 links for every game.
The idea is to make sure every one get the best possible link as soon as possible. So all you need to do is visit this website before the start of each Real Madrid match and you will have all the links here. We save you time this way as you dont have to search more links. If one link is not working just open another one and so on.

Real Madrid 2022/23 Upcoming Matches

1. Real Madrid vs Eintracht Frankfurt (10 August 2022) - UEFA Super Cup Match
2. Real Madrid vs Almeria (14 August 2022, first league game in Spanish La Liga)
3. Real Madrid start their Champions League campaign in September 2022.
4. Real Madrid are also invovled in Copa Del Rey, FIFA Club World Cup and Spanish Super Cup.
5. Real Madrid end their 2022/23 season with final league game on the weekend of 20/21 May 2023